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 We all know how important it is to keep knives sharp and in optimal condition - not only for reduced operator effort and greater productivity but also for safety reasons. Maintaining a sharp knife can reduce the amount of force required during usage therefore decreasing the risk of slipping or losing control of the knife movement. There are a range of different methods for sharpening and honing knives. Honing is basically the practice of pushing the edge of the knife back to the centre and straightening it, leaving in in the correct position and making it seem sharper. Sharpening, on the other hand, is a process where the knife is shaved down to create a sharper edge. We've discussed four common knife sharpening methods below:


 Sharpening stones can be difficult to use for someone who is just starting out. Despite being a little more challenging to use, stones can bring out a magnificent edge on your knife and provide fantastic results. The key with stones is to sharpen at the correct angle for your knife and to ensure that both sides are sharpened equally. There are different types of stones including Oil Stones, Water Stones, Ceramic Stones and Diamond Stones. Water and Oil stones require (you guessed it) water or oil to effectively sharpen blades whereas ceramic and diamond stones do not. The type of stone used comes down to personal preference, the type of knife being sharpened and budget. Sharpening stones should always be kept clean in order to obtain the best results. Click here to see our range of sharpening stones.


Providing excellent results when the correct technique is used, Sharpening Steels are one of the most common sharpening methods. Steels don't sharpen as such; they assist in honing the blade and maintaining the edge – even the sharpest of knives can feel dull if the edge isn't properly honed and aligned. Steels come in an abundance of variations with different handles, finishes and lengths. The key to any steel is to maintain good technique during sharpening. Start Food-Tech Australia has an extensive range of steels by brands such as FDick, Fischer, Eggington, TAFE, Eze-lap, Tramontina, Dexter, Carnivore and Victorinox. Click here to see our range of steels.


Perfect for those who are just starting out, automatic steels are effective sharpeners that are easy to use. Automatic steels are excellent for high-speed production lines where efficiency is paramount and there isn't time to pause and sharpen a knife. These user-friendly steels come in a range of sizes and colours and can be mounted on a benchtop for those with a permanent workstation or carried in a waist belt where portability is required. Click here to see our range of automatic steels.


Offering exceptional results, Sharpening Machines are one of the most effective methods of knife sharpening. They're efficient, heavy-duty and reliable devices that can hone and sharpen knives, leaving them razor sharp with an outstanding edge. Sharpening machines can increase efficiency and cut costs in medium to large sized factories and production lines or those with intensive knifesharpening work. Maintenance is imperative to keeping your sharpening machine in great condition – it's essential that parts are replaced as needed and regular cleaning is carried out to ensure that the machine is running efficiently.Click here to see our range of sharpening machines.

Knives are valuable, useful tools that can be quite dangerous if not maintained correctly. It's vital that knives are sharpened and honed regularly to reduce accidents and to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. There are a range of different sharpening methods available and finding the best method is dependent on personal preference, budget, the type of knife you're sharpening and the environment in which you're working in. For more information on knife sharpening, call Start FoodTech Australia 1800 078 278.

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